About us

Who we are

Bootlegger are four devoted fans of classic rock who came together nine years ago to play music from the great rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s. Bootlegger pay close attention to recreating the feel and sound of classic rock, from AC/DC to Zeppelin, with the occasional more contemporary pieces thrown in.

Bootlegger are based in Oxfordshire and perform at pubs, clubs and festivals in the South of England, including the Ace Café London, Chinnor Bike Dayz, Music in the Park Thame, Haddenham Beer Festival and the Dirty Donkey.

Bootlegger are:

  • John “the keys” – Lead vocals, guitar. Believes in the power of Rock. Once got lost back stage looking for a bargain.
  • Rob “the Stick”- Drums, backing vocals. Believes in big boy’s toys and can load up his gear faster than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest.
  • Paul “Fingers” – Bass. Near-expert level at guitars, amps and pedal trivia. Currently saving up all his change to buy a time machine for those authentic 70’s sounds.
  • Stevie “Ray”- Lead guitar awesomeness. Can manoeuvre a van in reverse faster than Jason Bourne on a Parisian side street. Wishes he lived in the 1960’s so he could find a pre-CBS Strat and support Hendrix on tour.

If you would like to hear the sounds of Bootlegger, please contact us.